English Vocabulary Words
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The students (children) attempting to understand and learn the meanings of the words at the early stage, feel and become confused with the technicalities of the pronunciations.
Every word has been put in alphabetical order. English language has the bliss of flexibility and adaptability. Always and invariably, some words differ in referential contexts. Every possible effort has been made to adhere to practical use and make the meanings of some abmiguous words clear.

This Dictionary unlike the other Dictionaries is practically more useful and blissful. Some worth learning and retaining phrases, sayings, sentences, and use of double clauses etc. are the deliberate conspicuous characteristics of this Dictionary.

Who knows what the blooming brains can learn and retain if they make the deliberate maximum advantage of this Dictionary, meant for the growing, eager and inquisitive.



English wordsMeanings
abandonto go away forever from something or somebody. The same word also means to stop what you are doing before you have finished it.
abatementdecrese, softening, weakening, lessening
abbessa woman who is the head of the nuns in a convent or abbey
abbeya monastery or a convent; the big church of a monastery or convent
abbota man who is the head of the monks in a monastery or abbey
abbreviationa short way of writing or printing a word, such as Dr.Doctor, Jan. for January
abdomenthe lower part of the body which contains the stomach
abilitystrength, cleverness or skill
ablehaving the strength, cleverness or skill to do something
abolishto get rid of or to put an end to something
abovehigher than; over
abroadaway in another country
abruptsudden; hurried
absentmissing; away; not present
abtucuoateti see or know before hand, expect, foretaste
abundantmore than enough; in great plenty
abyssbottomless depth, pit, gulf
accedeto agree to, consent, assent
accenttone of voice; a way or pronouncing words. Londoners have a different accent from people living in other parts of Britain
acceptto agree to receive something
accidentsomething that happens by chance, usually unpleasant
accommodateto adjust, adapt
accounta statement of money owing or spent. The same word also means an explanation
accurqatecorrect; exactly right
accuseto say someone has done something wrong
achea dull pain that goes on and on
acida liquid which can burn your skin. The same word also means tasting sour or sharp
acornthe nut or seed that grows on an oak tree
acquaintto introduce, make familiar
acquireto gain, get, obtain
acquitto declare innoccent, set free, absolve
acrobata person who does clever tricks, like balancing on a rope at acircus
acrossfrom one side to the otherside of something
actanything which is done is an act. The same word also means to pretend you are someone other than yourself, as in a play or film
actionsomething done; a series of acts performed
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