English Vocabulary Words
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English wordsMeanings
achea dull pain that goes on and on
accuseto say someone has done something wrong
agethe number of years something or someone has been alive, or has existed
agopast, gone by
ashthe powdery stuff left when something has completely burned up
askto put a question to someone
assa donkey, an animal rather like a small horse
assessto rate, estimate value of property, fix value
assuageto soothe, calm, pacify, appease
awakenot asleep. You can hear and see what is going on around you
axea sharp tool with a long handle, used for chopping wood
axisa real or imaginary line through the middle of an object; around which the object turns
bachelora man who has not married
moustache(say mustash) the hair that grows above a man’s upper lip
teachersomeone who helps you to learn things
tootheachea pain in your teeth
treacherousnot to be trusted; likely to betray
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