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airthe mixture of gases which we breathe and which surrounds the earth
affaira happening or an event
airmto point a gun or other weapon steadily at the thing you want to hit
aircraftany machine that can rise in the air and move through it
airfielda place where aircraft can land and take off
air forceaircraft used for fighting and the people who control them
airguna gun in which the bullet is shot by the force of compressed air
airmana man who flies or helps to fly aircraft
airportthe place where aeroplanes come in to land and take off
airtightclosed so tightly that air cannot get in or out
areathe extent of space on the ground or on a floor
armcaira chair with sides on which to rest your arms
arrayto adorn, decorate, dress one self, put in order
arrearoutstanding or unpaid debts or work
arrowa thin straight stick made of wood with a sharp pointed tip. You shoot it with a bow
awareknowing about something, as when you are aware of the danger of crossing a road with heavy traffic
chaira single seat with a back to lean against
dairya place where milk, butter and cheese are kept
deck chaira folding chair used for resting out of doors
despairto give up hope
faira place with roundabouts where you have fun. The same word also means light in colour (as in fair hair) and right or good
fairlynot bad; reasonably good
fairya very small person who can do magic. You read about fairies in stories for young children
hairthe soft covering which grows on your head
hairbrusha special brush you use for tidying and arranging your hair
hairdressersomeone who cuts and arranges people’s hair
laira wild beast’s den, a place to lie or rest
millionairea very rich man who has a million pounds or more
pairtwo things which are meant to be used together, like a pair of shoes
prairiea large area of flat grassy land with very few trees
pushchaira small chair on wheels, for a young child to ride in
repairto mend; to put right
staircasea number of stairs, usually with a side-rail to keep you from falling
stairsa set of steps in a building for waling up or down
upstairson a floor above the ground floor of a building
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