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English wordsMeanings
allthe whole of everything or everyone
alea kind of beer
allayto calm, to put down, to lighten, soothe
allegeto assert, affirm, plead in excuse
alleya narrow passage between buildings in cities and towns
alligatora dangerous animal very like a crocodile, but with a shorter nose
allotto distribute by lot or as shares
allowto permit or let
alloya mixture of two or more metals
allyto combine, associate, join in friendship or marriage
allrightgood; safe and sound, agreed
awhilefor a short time, for a moment
ballan object which is completely round, often used for playing games. The same word also means a splendid dancing party
ballerinaa girl ballet dancer
balleta kind of dancing which tells a story in movement, with music, but without using words
balloona bag filled with air or gas so that it can float about the ground
ballpointa pen with a tiny ball instead of point at the end
ballrooma very big room used for dancing
callto shout or cry out. The same word also means to stop at someone’s house for a short time
callousunfeeling, hardened, hard
challengeto invite someone to try to beat you at something, such as running, swimming or wrestling
especiallymost of all; of greatest importance
fallto drop through the air
finallyat last; at the end
footballa team game in which you kick a ball and try to score goals
gallerythe upper floor of seats in a theatre or church. The same word also means a room or building where works of art on show
gallona measure of liquid, equal to 4 quarts or 8 points
gallopthe fastest speed at which a horse can move
hallthe space inside the entrance of a building. The same word also means a large room used for special occasions, like a town hall
infalliblenot fallible, not liable to fall, certain (used only for God)
marshmallowa soft sticky white or pink sweet
netballa game played by two teams. A large ball is thrown into a small net on a pole
overallan outdoor coat worn over all your other clothes
parallelgoing in the same direction the same distance apart and never meeting, like a pair of railway lines
parallelismcomparison, resemblance, state of being parallel
rainfallthe amount of rain that falls in a certain period of time
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