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English wordsMeanings
banda group of people, sometimes playing musical instruments
abandonto go away forever from something or somebody. The same word also means to stop what you are doing before you have finished it.
bandagea piece of cloth for covering up a wound
bandita robber, usually one who robs people on the roads while they are travelling
bayoneta long sharp blade attached to a rifle, so that it can be used like a spear
behindat the back of; to the rear of
bendto make something crooked or curved
beneathunder something
beyondfarther on, or farther away
bindto fasten or tie together
bondanything which binds or fastens something together
bonneta kind or hat that ties under the chin
boundto leap forward. The same word also means fastened or tied
bountygenerosity liberality large heartedness
husbanda married man
husbandmana farmer
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