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English wordsMeanings
barona nobleman
barna large farm building used mainly for storing grain, hay and other crops
barrennot able to produce fruit, plants, babies or seeds. The land in deserts and on some mountains is barren because nothing will grow there
bornstarting to live
brainthe part inside your head that sends and receives messages and thoughts and controls what your body does
branthe skin of grains, which is separated from the flour
brawnstrength; powerful muscle
brimthe upper edge of something. like the brim of a cup. The same word also means the part of a hat that sticks out all round
brooma brush with a long handle, for cleaning floors
browna colour. Chocolate is brown
browniea junior member of the Girl Guides. The same word also means a kind of goblin who is supposed to help with housework
burnto be on fire, or to set something on fire
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