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English wordsMeanings
bashto hit something so hard that it is smashed or dented
babyishlike a baby
baga sack for holding things, often made of paper or plastic, but sometimes of leather or cloth
baggageanother word for luggage
baketo cook in an oven
basethe bottom of anything; the part on which something stands or is built
bashfulanother word for shy
basisfoundation, common ground, base, ground work
baskto warm yourself in the sun
beachthe strip of land next to the sea, covered with sand or pebbles
beecha kind of tree with smooth silver-grey bark
begto ask earnestly or humbly for something
biglarge; important
bogwet, marshy ground
bookpages of print bound together in a cover
bookcasea set of shelves for books
bossa chief or leader
bough(rhymes with now) the branch of a tree
boxa stiff-sided container
buga tiny insect
busa large vehicle which carries many people
busha shrub, like a small tree with lots of branches growing close to the ground
bushyfull of bushes, like a bush
bussa kiss, to kiss
busyhaving something to do all the time; working hard
buzzthe humming sound a bee makes
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