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English wordsMeanings
bella cup-shaped piece of metal which makes a ringing sound when struck
babbleto talk or make sounds in a foolish way; to make a murmuring sound as water does in a stream or brook
bailsecurity for release
balea specially packed bundle of something, like straw or cotton
ballan object which is completely round, often used for playing games. The same word also means a splendid dancing party
bawlto cry out or shout very loudly
bellowto roar or yell loudly
bellyanother word for stomach
belowunderneath; at a lower level
biblea holy book
billa written note of how much money is owing for work which has been done, or for something which has been bought. The same word also means a bird&rsuqo;s beak
blowto push air out of your mouth. The same word also means a hard knock
bluea colour. When the sun shines the sky is blue
bluebella wild flower with blue blossoms shaped like bells
boilto make water so hot that it bubbles and makes steam. The same word also means a sore swelling on your body
bowla deep round dish for holding liquids or food. The same word also means to throw a ball overarm, as in cricket
bubblea ball of liquid containing gas or air
buffaloa wild ox
bullthe male of cattle. Male elephants are also called bulls
bullysomeone who picks on others weaker or smaller than himself
rebellionact of rebelling, an armed rising against a government
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