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English wordsMeanings
birda winged animal covered with feathers
beardthe hair on a man’s chin
bertha bed or bunk in a ship or train
birdcagea small cage for a pet bird
birthcoming into life, being born
birthdaythe day of the year when you were born
blackbirda black songbird with a yellow beak
boarda long flat piece of wood
braidto weave strips of hair or material in and out make a plait
breada food made mostly from flour, and baked into a loaf
breadthhow wide or broad something is
breaththe air that is taken in and forced out by the lungs
breatheto take air into the body and force it out again
breedto produce young ones
bridea woman on her wedding day
broadwide; the opposite of narrow
broodto sit quietly and think about something rather anxiously. The same word also means young birds all hatched in one nest at the same time
brotha kind of thin soup
boarda store or stock of something hidden away. Squirrels have a hoard of nuts hidden away for the winter
ladybirda tiny flying beetle, usually red with black spots
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