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bita small piece of something
ambitiona wish to do very well, or to have power
badnot good; wrong; spoiled
baitfood used to attract fish or animals, so that they can be caught
bata shaped piece of wood used to hit a ball in games. The same word also means a small mouse-like animal that flies at night
batha large container in which you can wash yourself all over
batheto take a bath or a swim
beada small ball with a hole through it. You can thread many beads together to make a necklace
beatto hit over and over again; to keep regular time in music. The same word also means to do better than another person or team in a game or a race
beautygreat loveliness
beda soft place to sleep with blankets and a pillow. The same word is also used for a place where flowers are grown, and for the bottom of the sea
betto risk your money against someone else’s on the result of a game or race
bidto command or invite; to make an offer
bitcha female dog
biteto take a piece out of something with your teeth
bittertasting sharp and sour; not sweet or sugary
boata small ship
bodythe whole of a person or animal
boota shoe that covers part of the leg as well as the foot
booteea soft woollen boot for babies
buda flower or leaf not fully open
butta large barrel for holding liquids
exhibitiona Public show of things such as works of art, flowers, or furniture
habitsomething you do regularly and often, almost without thinking about it, such as brushing your teeth
habitationresidence, abode, occupancy
inhabitto live in or occupy
obituaryan account of a deceased person or persons, list of the death
orbitthe path in which something moves around another thing in space
prohibitto forbid or prevent
rabbita small furry animal with long ears. Some rabbits are kept in hutches as pets, but wild rabbits dig holes in the ground to live in
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