English Vocabulary Words
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English wordsMeanings
blackthe darkest colour of all. Coal is black
blackberrya small juicy black fruit which grows wild
blackbirda black songbird with a yellow beak
blackboarda wooden board painted black. We write on it with chalk
blackcurranta small black berry
blackmarketillegal dealing in goods or currencies
blacksmitha man who makes and mends iron things, he also puts metal shoes on horses
blackoutinvisibility of light in wat-time, sudden cutting off of all stage-lights
blazea brightly burning fire
bleachto take the colour out of something
bleakcould and windy; without cheer
blessto make holy; to ask God to show favour to someone or something
blocka big piece of something, like wood, metal or stone. The same word also means to be in the way of something
blousea loose garment covering the upper part of the body. It is worn by girls and women
blushto go pink in the face because you are shy, ashamed or upset by something
bulgeto swell out
bulka large amount
bullocka young bull
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