English Vocabulary Words
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English wordsMeanings
brakethe part of a vehicle which stops the wheels from going round
bargea cargo boat which has a flat bottom
barkthe tough covering on a tree trunk and branches. The same word also means the loud sharp noise dogs and some other animals make
barracksthe buildings where soldiers live
breakthe hard pointed part of a bird’s mouth
bircha tree with smooth, silvery or white bark
bracespieces of elastic which go over the shoulders to hold trousers up
braganother word for boast
brassa yellowish metal made by melting copper and zinc together
breakto pull apart; to damage or spoil something
breezea gentle eind
bricka block of baked clay used in building
briskquick; lively
brooch(say broach) an ornament which can be pinned to clothing
brooka small stream
bruisea dark-coloured mark where the skin has been hit but not broken
brusha bunch of hairs on a handle, used for cleaning or painting or doing your hair
brusquerude, abrupt in manner, fluent
buffersflat metal plates at each end of a railway carriage or engine, or at the end of a railway track. They prevent damage from bumping
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