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English wordsMeanings
brewerya place where beer is made
bara long shaped piece of hard material, usually metal or wood. The same word also means a counter where you can buy drink
barewithout covering or decoration
barriersomething, like a fence or wall, that stops one from going further
barrowa two-wheeled cart that is pushed by a man
beara large heavy animal with thick shaggy fur and a very short tail. The same word also means to carry something or to put up with something
beera strong drink made from malt
beforeahead; in front
behaviourhow you act or behave; your manners
berryany small round juicy fruit without a stone
bewareto be very careful about something that may be dangerous, like a fierce dog or railway lines
boara male pig
boreto make a deep hole in something by twisting a tool round and round. The same word also means to make someone tired by dull talk
borrowto take something which you intend to give back
braythe cry of a donkey
browarch of hair over eye, forehead
bureaua chest of drawers with a writing-desk on top. The same word also means an office.
burrowa hole in the ground which has been dug by wild animals to live in. Rabbits and foxes live in burrows
buryto put something somewhere deep. usually under the ground
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