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English wordsMeanings
buyto give money in exchange for something
babean infant, an inexperienced person, a young child of either sex
babya very young child who cannot walk yet
baya part of the sea or lake that makes a curve in the land
beean insect with four wings and a sting. It makes honey and wax
beefthe meat from a cow or bull
behaveto act in a good or a bad way, showing good or bad behaviour
biba cloth tied around a baby’s neck, to stop food getting on his clothes
bow(rhymes with so) a kind of knot used to tie ribbon or string. The same word also means a curved strip of wood with a string, used for shooting arrows
bow(rhymes with now) a way of showing respect. You bend forward and lower our head
boya male child who will grow up to be a man
buoy(say boy) something floating on the water but anchored to sea bed. It marks the places where there is danger, or where small boats can be tied up
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