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cada mean vulgar fellow
barricadebarrier, obstruction
caddlya small airtight box to keep tea in
cadeta boy or young man who is learning to be an officer in the army or navy or air force
cascadea waterfall
castea class of society among the Hindus
castto throw something with force. The same word also means to shape something by pouring hot metal or liquid plaster into a mould
casketa small chest for jewels
castwaya person who has been shipwrecked
cata furry animal, usually kept as a pet
chastitypurity of the body, mind, language, style
chatto talk with someone in a friendly way
chattyvery talkative
cheatto do something that is not honest or right, like copying someone else’s answers during a test
chesta large stone box with a lid. The same word also means the front part of your body between your neck and your waist
chita note, a shoot or sprout, an order or pass
citya very large town
coastthe border of land next to the sea. The same word also means to go downhill in a car without using the engine
coatan outer garment with sleeves
coda large sea fish caught for food
codesecret words or signals used to send messages
costwhat you have to pay for something
cota bed for a small child
cowsheda farm building where cattle are kept
cutto make pieces of something smaller by using scissors or a knife
facadeoutward appearance, front of building
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