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English wordsMeanings
carea worry or trouble. The same word also means to look after someone who needs help
cara motor for driving from place to place
careera race, prospect, course of life
carefulgiving special attention to what you are doing
carelessnot taking trouble of thinking about what you are doing
caretakera person who looks after a building or part of a building
carryto take something from one place to another
caryan open wagon with only two wheels
cashiersomeone who looks after the money in a bank, a shop or an office
chaira single seat with a back to lean against
cheerto shout at someone to do his best or to show you are pleased. The same word also means joy, happiness
cherrya sweet rounded red or yellow fruit with a stone in it
choir(say kwire) a group of people trained to sing together
cigartobacco leaves rolled tightly together, for smoking
cohereto stick together, to be consistent
cookera tove on which food is cooked
cookerythe art or practice of cooking
corethe middle part of something, like th epart where the seeds are in an apple or pear
crewpeople who work on a ship or aeroplane
crowa large black bird, with a harsh croaking voice. The same word also means the sound a cock makes
cryto weep tears. The same word also means to make a loud sound of joy or sorrow
cureto help someone who is ill to get well again; to heal
scarecrowsomething, usually like the dummy figure of a man, which is put in a field to frighten the birds away from the crops
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