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English wordsMeanings
cheesea food made frommilk
cagea box or room with bars, where birds or animals are kept
cakea sweet food made of flour, eggs and sugar and baked in an oven. The same word also means a small flat lump of something, like a cake of soap
casea kind of box to keep or carry things in
cashcoins and banknotes
causeto make something happen
cawthe loud hoarse cry of a crow
ceaseto stop
chaosutter confusion, formless voice
chaseto run after
chassis(say shassee) the framework which forms the base of a car
checkto go back over something to make sure it is correct. The same word also means a pattern with squares in it.
cheekthe soft side of your face below your eyes and either side of your nose
cheekysaucy; a bit rude
cheque(say check) a special piece of paper you write on to ask your bank to pay some of your money to someone
chessa game for tow people, using pieces called chessmen on a board marked with black and white squares
chewto crush or grind with your teeth
chicka baby bird
choketo find it hard to breathe because there is something in our throat or because there is smoke in your lungs
chooseto take one thing rather than another
chuckto throw
coacha large carriage pulled by horse, with an outside seat in front of the driver. The same word also means a large motor vehicle for long journeys
coaxto entice, persuade by fondling
cocka male bird: a rooster
cocoaa brown powder made cocoa beans. It is used to make hot drinks and chocolate
cokefuel made from coal when the gas has been baked out of it
cookto heat food and make it ready for eating
cosycomfortable; snug and warm
coucha long soft seat where more than one person can sit
coughthe loud noise you make when you choke or when you have a sore throat or bronchitis
cowthe female of cattle
cuckooa bird that lays its eggs in other bird’s nests. It makes a noise that sounds like its name, cuckoo
cuea stick used in the game of billiards
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