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English wordsMeanings
chimea musical sound made by a set of bells, usually in a clock
cana small airtight metal container for food or liquids. The same word also means to be able to do something
canethe hard stem of plant or small palm tree. The same word also means a light walking stick
cannona big heavy gun, sometimes on wheels
canona rule of doctrine or discipline, a law in general
canoea narrow light boat. You use a paddle to make it move through the water
casinoa public dancing, singing or gaming saloon
chainmetal rings joined together
chickena young hen or cock
chimneyan opening from the fireplace t the roof to let the smoke out
chinthe part of your face under your mouth
chinacups and plates made from a kind of clay
chuma close friend
cinemaa building where films are shown
coina piece of money made of metal
cometo move near
commonordinary; usual. The same word also means an open piece of ground that doesn’ belong to one person
conesomething round at the bottom and pointed at the top, like an icecream cone or a clown’s hat. The same word also means the fruits of pine or fir trees, which are cone shaped
cousinthe child of your aunt or uncle
cushiona soft pillow covered with pretty material. It is used to rest against on a chair or settee
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