English Vocabulary Words
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English wordsMeanings
chuckleto laugh quietly
cacklethe loud excited noise made by hens
cajoleto coax, persuade by flattery
callto shout or cry out. The same word also means to stop at someone’s house for a short time
cella room where prisoners are kept. The same word also means the small bare room a monk lives in
chillyfeeling cold
chisela tool with a cutting edge at the end, used for cutting stone or wood
clawone of the sharp curved nails on the foot of an animal or bird
claysoft sticky earth that can be baked to make bricks or crockery
cluesomething that helps you to find the answer to a puzzle or mystery
coala hard black mineral used for fuel
coilto wind in rings
colliea large long haired sheep dog
coolnot quite cold
cycleanother word for bicycle
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