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English wordsMeanings
closeto shut. The same word also means very near
callousunfeeling, hardened, hard
chalka soft white stone which can be made into sticks for writing on the blackboard
clasha loud noise when things are banged together
clausea part of sentence containing a verb, a distinct part of a contract
clicka short snapping sound
cliquea gang, a party, a set
cloaka loose garment without sleeves, usually longer than a cape
clocka machine that tells you what the time is
clockwisethe direction in which clock hands move
clogt block up something like a drainpipe. The same word also means a wooden shoe
closeta small private apartment
cluckthe soft short sound a hen makes to her chicks
colleaguea co-worker, an associate, a partner of joint office
collegea place where you can go on studying after you have left secondary school
encloseto put something in an envelope or package; to surround or shut in by a fence or wall
water closeta small room containing a bowel which has a rushing flow of water to carry away waste through a pipe, it is called W.C. for short
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