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English wordsMeanings
carcassa dead body, anything decayed
cargoa ship’s load
carriagea vehicle for carrying passengers from place to place. The same word also means part of a railway train
chargethe cost of something. The same word also means to rush at something. To be in charge is to be in control
cherishto encourage, hold as dear, nurse foster
chorusthe part of a song that comes after each verse, when everyone joins in the singing. The same word means the people on a stage who dance and sing together
churchbuilding where people go to worship God
circusa travelling show with acrobats and animals and clown who do all sorts of tricks
corgia small dog with short legs
corka topper put in the top of a bottle to keep the liquid from spilling out
couragewithout fear even when there is danger; bravery
coursethe direction in which anything goes. The same word also means a number of lessons on one special subject
cracka split or long thin opening in something. The same word also means a sharp, sudden noise
crasha loud smashing noise
crazysilly; mad
creasea mark made by folding or doubling something like paper of cloth
creeka small stream or part of a river
croaka deep, hoarse noise, like the sound a frog makes
crocusa small garden plant, with bright purple, yellow or white flowers
crooka long hooked stick or staff carried by shepherds. The same word also means someone who is not honest
crossanything shaped like x or +. The same word also means rather angry
cruisea sea voyage for pleasure
crushto press together or squash something
curiouswanting to know or find out. The same word also means odd or strange
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