English Vocabulary Words
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English wordsMeanings
courtthe place where a king or a judge does his work
cardstiff paper. Sometimes it is cut into pieces with pictures and greetings for special days like birthdays and Christmas. Cards are also used in playing games
carrota long pointed orange vegetable that grows under the ground
charade(say sharahd) a game in which you cat out parts of a word and then the whole word
chariotan open tow-wheeled carriage drawn by horse. In olden days chariots were used in wars and in races
charitya feeling of kindness and affection towards other people: a gift of money, food or shelter to people in need
charta map, usually of the sea
cigarettefinely cut pieces of tobacco rolled in thin paper, for smoking
courtyardan enclosed space near or within a building
cowardsomeone who is not brave
cratea container for packing vegetables, eggs, fruit and bottles. It is made of thin pieces of wood fastened together
createto make or bring into being
crowda lot of people all together in one place
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