English Vocabulary Words
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English wordsMeanings
cranea machine for lifting heavy things. The same word also means a long-legged bird
carriondead and rotten, loathsome
ceremonyan important and special happening, like a wedding or a coronation
charmto make others think you are nice and pleasant to know. The same word also means something that has magic powers or can bring good luck
chromea silvery-looking metal
churna machine for making butter: a milk can
cornthe seeds of grain plants, like wheat, barley and oats. The same word also means a hard lump of skin on your toe, that hurts when you shoe is too tight
crayona soft kind of pencil that you use to colour a picture
creamthe rich fatty part of milk
crimesomething wrong that can be punished by law
crownthe gold head dress worn by a king or queen
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