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denta bend place in something, usually caused by a blow
accidentsomething that happens by chance, usually unpleasant
ardenteager, intense, keen, burning
daintypretty; delicate
dandya man who spends a lot of time on his clothes and the way he looks
dauntto discourage, intimidate, frighten
demandto ask for something in a commanding way, without saying please
dentistsomeone who takes care of your teeth
diamonda very hard colourless precious stone which sparkles
donateto present a gift, subscribe, bestow
dynamitea powerful exploding substance
impudentcheeky; not respectful
incidentsomething that happens; an event
presidentthe chief person in the government of a country that has not a king or queen. The same word also means the most important man in a club or business
studentsomeone who studies, usually at a college or university
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