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English wordsMeanings
disguiseto change your appearance by wearing different clothes, a wig of a false moustache, so that people do not recognize you
daisya small field flower with white or pink petals around a yellow centre
dashto rush suddenly. The same word also means a short straight line in writing, like this
decayto become rotten or to fall into ruins
deckthe flooring on a boat of ship
deska table used for reading or writing
detachto separate, unfasten, disconnect
dicea pair of small cubes with different numbers of spots on each side. They are used in games like ludo and snakes and ladders
digto make a hole in the ground
discanything which is round and flat, such as a gramophone record
discussto talk about
diseaseillness; sickness
disha plate for food
ditcha very long narrow trench which is dug in the ground to drain water away
dizzyfeeling that your head is spinning round and round; giddy
docka place where ships are unloaded or repaired
dodgeto jump quickly to one side so as not to bump into something
diga four-legged animal which is often kept as a pet
dosethe exact amount of medicine you should take at onetime
dougha thick floury mixture which is baked into bread or cakes
dozeto close your eyes because you are sleepy, but not quite asleep
ducka rather large web-footed bird which swims. The same word also means to dip underwater for a moment; to lower your head; to dodge something
dukea nobleman of high rank
duskthe part of the evening just before the sky gets really dark
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