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English wordsMeanings
fairya very small person who can do magic. You read about fairies in stories for young children
faira place with roundabouts where you have fun. The same word also means light in colour (as in fair hair) and right or good
fara long way away
farethe price you pay for traveling on a public vehicle such as a bus
favouran act of kindness which is done for someone
feara feeling of alarm when you think you are in danger
ferrya boat used to take people or cars across water where there is no bridge
feveran illness which makes your body very hot and makes you feel weak and thirsty
fierylike fire; flaming or burning
fura kind of evergreen tree with leaves like needles
firethe flames, light and heat made by something burning
forein front, before
fraya fight or quarrel
fraya fight or quarrel
freenot a prisoner; able to do or say what you like. The same word also means without payment
fryto cook something in fat or oil
furthe soft hair on animals
furrowa long narrow cut made in the ground by a plough
furyvery great anger
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