English Vocabulary Words
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English wordsMeanings
feelto find out what something is like by touching it
fablea short story, usually about animals, which is meant to teach us lesson
failnot to be able to do something you try to do; to be unsuccessful
fallto drop through the air
feeblevery weak; not strong
fellowa man; a companion
filea metal tool with a rough surface, used to make things smooth. The same word also means a line of people following one behind the other
fillto put so much in a container that you cannot get any more in
fleeto run away, usually because of danger
flowto move along smoothly, like water
flua shortening of the word influenza, which is an illness causing a fever and a sore throat
flyto move through the air. The same word also means a flying insect
foala young horse
followto come after someone or something
follysilliness; a foolish action
foola silly; person
fowla bird, usually a hen
fuelanything used to make head, such as coal, gas or wood
fullno room for any more
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