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English wordsMeanings
flexa wire for electricity, covered with plastic or some other material
falsewrong; not keeping your promises; not faithful; not real or true
flaga piece of cloth with a coloured pattern. Each country in the world has its won flag with its own pattern
flakea very small thin piece of something, such as a snowflake
flasha sudden bight light that appears only for a moment, like a flash of lighting
flaska kind of bottle, usually made of metal or glass, for holding liquids
flaxa plant from which strong threads can be obtained. The cloth woven from these threads is called linen
fleshthe soft parts of your body
flickto hit something very lightly
flocka large group of birds or of some animals
flakesomething lucky that happens by chance
foliagethe leaves on trees and plants
foolishsilly; stupid; not wise
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