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English wordsMeanings
forgea blacksmith’s workshop, with a furnace for heating the metal. The same word also means to copy someone else’s handwriting for a dishonest purpose
fabricwoven stuff, frame, building structure
fierceangry; wild
fireworkfireworks are usually made of gunpowder in a cardboard tube. They are set alight after dark on special days
forcepower; strength
foreighof another country; strange
forgerysomething written or painted which is not genuine; someone else’s handwriting copied for a dishonest purpose
forgetnot to remember
forget-me-nota little blue flower
foregogo without, give up
forka tool used to pick up food
freaka person, plant or animal whose appearance is not ordinary or normal, such as a white black bird
freezeto become hard because of the cold, as when water turns into ice
freshnew; healthy; not tired
friezea picture or pattern around the top of the wall
friskylively; playful
frocka dress
froga small animal which lives in or near water and can jump a long way
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