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formshape. The same word also means a class in school, or a paper asking questions which are to be answered
farma place where a farmer keeps animals and grows food
firemana man who helps to put out fires
firmsolid; strong and not easily moved
forearmthe part of our arm between you wrist and elbow
framethe wood or metal around something, like a window or a picture
frownto wrinkle your forehead when you are angry or not pleased
informto tell or give information
informationfacts told to someone or given in a book; knowledge
performan act: a play or other entertainment
platformthe raised part of a hall or theatre for the speakers or actors. The same word also means the part of a railway station beside the tracks, where you get on to a train
transformto change the way something looks, as a caterpillar is transformed into a butterfly
uniformspecial clothes worn by those who belong to a group of people such as the army, the navy, or a school
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