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English wordsMeanings
forta strong building made to keep enemies out
comfortableto be feeling at ease, without pain or worry
efforta hard try. When you use all your strength you are making an effort
favouritea person or thing which is liked better than any other
forda place in a river where the water is shallow enough for you to walk or drive through it safely
foreheadthe part of your face above your eyes
forthonward; out
fortnightfourteen days; two weeks
fortressanother word for fort
fortunewhat comes of an animal or plant that has turned to stone after being buried for many millions of years
forwardtowards the front
frauddishonesty; a cheating trick
frauddishonesty; a cheating trick
fretto be discontented; to worry
frotha lot of tiny white bubbles. Usually on top of liquid; foam
fruita part of a bush or tree which can be eaten
misfortunebad luck; a calamity
uncomfortablenot at ease; feeling awkward
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