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English wordsMeanings
hairthe soft covering which grows on your head
chaira single seat with a back to lean against
deck chaira folding chair used for resting out of doors
hairbrusha special brush you use for tidying and arranging your hair
hairdressersomeone who cuts and arranges people’s hair
harean animal like a large rabbit
hearto use your ears t listen to sounds
heira man or boy who will receive money, property, or a title when the present owner dies
herein this place
heroa man or boy who does something brave. The same word also means the most important man in a book or play
hireto pay for the use of something for a certain length of time. You can hire a taxi, the same word also means to employ
horrora very great fear or loathing
hour60 minutes
hurryto move fast in order to get somewhere more quickly, or to finish what you are doing sooner
pushchaira small chair on wheels, for a young child to ride in
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