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handthe end of your arm which you use to hold things
beforehandin advance, earlier than duetime
handbaga small light bag that you can carry in your hand
handcuffa fetter for the hands or wrists
handfulas much as your hand will hold; a small number or quantity
handicapto make something more difficult for someone
handicraftwork in which things are made by hand and not by machine
handkerchiefa small piece of cloth for wiping your nose or eyes
handlethe part or something by which you can hold it, like the handle of a cup. The same word also means to touch or hold things with your hands
handlebarthe part of a bicycle you hold on to and steer with
handworkwork, like sewing or clay modelling, which you do with your hands
handyuseful and clever with your hands. The same word also means near; close at hand
hauntto visit a place very often
high handedviolent, overbearing, oppressive
hintto suggest something without actually saying it in so many words, you might say to someone that it is getting late as a hint that you wish he would go home
hounda hunting dog
huntto chase after something which you want to catch
shorthanda quick way of writing down what is said
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