English Vocabulary Words
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English wordsMeanings
heatto make something hot
cheatto do something that is not honest or right, like copying someone else’s answers during a test
hata covering for the head
hateto dislike someone or something very much
headthe part of your body above your neck. The same word also means a person who is in charge; a chief or leader
heatersomething that produces heat, such as an electricfire
heathan open area where nothing much grows expect small shrubs; a moor
heathena person who does not believe in God. Sometimes heathens worship idols
heathera small wild plant which has white or purple flowers. It often grows on moors and heaths
hideto go where no one can see you or to put something where no one can see it. The same word also means the skin of an animal
hitto knock something. The same word also means a show or a tune which is a big success
hooda loose cloth covering for the head. It is sometimes fastened to a coat or jacket
hootto shout scornfully at someone. The same word also means the cry of an owl at night; the sound of a motor horn
hotvery warm
huta small wooden house
sheatha scabbard; a cover for the blade of a sword or knife
theatrea building where plays are acted
wheata kind of grain from which flour is made
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