English Vocabulary Words
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English wordsMeanings
hillpart of the ground that is higher than the rest, but lower than a mountain
chillyfeeling cold
dunghilla heap of dung
hailfrozen rain which falls as little lumps of ice
halesound, healthy, robust
hallthe space inside the entrance of a building. The same word also means a large room used for special occasions, like a town hall
haloa ring of light around the sun or moon, or around the heads of holy people in paintings
haulto drag along; to pull
healto make someone well again
heelthe back of your foot. The same word also means the back part of your shoe
hella place of misery
holean opening in or through something
hollowhaving a space or a hole inside; a valley
holyanything specially belonging to, or to do with God
howlto make a long loud whining noise
shillinga sivler-coloured coin, worth five pence
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