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hopto jump on one leg or move in short jumps
chopto cut something with hard blows. The same word also means a small piece of meat on a bone
choppersomething you use to chop with, like an axe
chopstickstwo thin pieces of wood or ivory used for eating food by people living in some far-eastern countries
grasshoppera hopping, leaping insect. It makes a chirping noise by rubbing its wings or legs together
happyfull of joy
haveto own or to hold
heapa pile, like a heap of dead leaves
heaveto haul or lift something up with a great effort
heavydifficult to pick up and carry away; weighing a lot
hipone of the sides of your body just below your waist
hivea house for bees
hoba place near the hearth where things can be kept hot
hobbysomething you very much like to do in your spare time, such as collecting stamps or making models
hoofthe hard part of a horse’s foot. Cattle, deer and some other animals also have hooves
hoopa large ring made of metal or wood
hopeto wish that something may happen, although you know it may not
hopefulhoping; full of hope
hopelesswithout hope; impossible
hubthe middle of a wheel
shopa place where you can buy things
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