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English wordsMeanings
lamenot able to walk easily because you have hurt your leg or your foot
blameto find fault with
flamethe bright fire that leaps from something burning
lamaa priest of the variety of Buddhism in Tibet and Mongolia
lamentto express sorrow, to weep, to grieve, deplore
lamentationexpression of sorrow, grief
lanea narrow road, usually in the country
lawna smooth flat area of grass which is cut and looked after carefully
leanthin; without fat. The same word also means to rest against something, so that you are not standing up straight
lemona sour yellow fruit
limewhite powder made from limestone, used for making cement. The same word also means a green-coloured sour fruit, something like a small lemon
linea thin mark like this
linencloth made from the flax plant. The same word also means sheets, pillowcases, towels and other household linen
liona strong and dangerous wild animal, like a very big cat
llamaa large animal with a long woolly coat, something like a camel without any humps
loansomething you lend to someone for a while
lonethe only one
looma machine for weaving thread into cloth
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