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English wordsMeanings
latebehind time; not early
calculateto adjust, estimate, arrange
chocolatea sweet brown food or drink made from cocoa
circulateto move around and come back to the beginning. The blood in our veins circulates through every part of our bodies
congratulateto tell a person you are glad about something good that has happened to him
ejaculateto utter suddenly, exclaim
lada boy
ladyanother word for a woman
lathea machine for cutting and shaping pieces of wood and metal while they are being turned round
latitudescope, laxity, breadth, width
lead(rhymes with seed) to be first, before everyone else
lead(rhymes with bed) a heavy soft grey metal
letto agree that someone may do something; to give permission
lidthe top which can be taken off something, such as a box or saucepan
loadall that can be carried at one time, like a load of bricks or a load of bananas, the same word also means to put bullets into a gun, ready for shooting
loatheto hate or despise bitterly
lota large number; a great many
loudnoisy; easily heard or to be heard
platea round flat dish for food
slatea kind of stone used for roofs
translateto express the meaning of words in one language in another language
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