English Vocabulary Words
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English wordsMeanings
linkone of the rings in a chain
blinkto open and shut your eyes very quickly
clinka small ringing sound, as when you gently touch coins or glasses together
lancea long spear. The same word also means to cut open a boil so that the fluid can drain away
langugehuman speech or writing. The same word also means the speech used in different countries, such as the English language and the French language
launchto start something on its way, such as launching a ship into the water, or a rocket into the air. The same word also means a large open motorboat
lensa curved piece of glass used in eye glasses or in instruments such as telescopes and cameras
lionessa female lion
longa big distance from one end to the other
lunchthe meal eaten at midday. The word is short for luncheon
lungeto make a sudden thrust or rush at something
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