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English wordsMeanings
liveto have life; to be alive
live(rhymes with five) living; not dead; alive
aliveliving; not dead
deliverto hand something over to someone else. The same word also means to rescue or set free
lapthe top part of your legs when you are sitting down. The same word also means once around a racetrack
leafthe flat, green part of a plant or tree
leapto jump high in the air
leaveto go away from somewhere. The same word also means to let something stay where it is
lifethe time between your birth and your death
livelyjolly; active; full of life
liveran inside part of the body
loafa large piece of bread with crust all over it
loba stroke in tennis or cricket, when the ball goes high in the air
lobbythe entrance hall in a large building
lollipopa large sweet on the end of a stick
loopa ring of wire, string or ribbon
loveto be very fond of, to like someone or something very much
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