English Vocabulary Words
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English wordsMeanings
manya lot
mainmost important; chief
mana male human being when he is grown up
manethe long hair some animals have on their necks. Horses have manes and so do lions
maythe pink or white blossom on a hawthorn tree
meanselfish and unkind. The same word is also used for explaining a thing, such as that the word means selfish and unkind
menmore than one man
menua piece of card or paper with a list of what there is to eat in a restaurant or cafe
mewthe crying sound made by a cat or kitten
minelarge deep hole in the ground where men dig for coal, diamonds gold or other minerals. The same word also means belonging to me
moana long low sound made by someone in pain or sorrow
moneycoins and paper bank notes
mow(rhymes with go) to cut grass or hay
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