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English wordsMeanings
mata piece of thick material on a floor.
amateursome who plays games or takes part in something without being paid because he likes doing it
approximatenearly correct
climatethe kind of weather a country usually has. Africa and India have hot climates
estimateto guess the size, quantity or value of something
immaterialunimportant, insignificant, Not consisting of material
immaturenot mature, premature, Not perfect
informationfacts told to someone or given in a book; knowledge
madcrazy; not right tin the head. Someone who is mad does not think properly, because his mind is ill. The same word also means angry
maidan old-fashioned word for a girl or young woman, the same word is also used for a woman servant
mammothhuge; enormous. The same word also means a huge hairy elephant that lived millions of years ago
matcha small thin piece of wood or cardboard with a tip that makes fire. The same word also means to refer a game
matchleshaving no equal, unrivalled
matea fiend or helper; someone you often play or work with
materialwhat anything is made of
materialistone who asserts that all existence is material
mathematicsthe study of numbers, measurements and quantities
matinee(say matinay) an afternoon performance of a show
mattressthe thick soft part of the bed that you lie on
meadowa field of grass, often made into hay and used to feed animals
meatthe parts of animals that are cooked and eaten
meetto come together with someone or something
mendto put something right; to repair it when it is torn or broken
methoda way of doing something
middaythe middle of the day between morning and afternoon
mindwhat you think with. The same word also means to be careful and think what you are doing
minta place where coins are made. The same word also means a small garden plant used for flavouring sauces and sweets
minuteOne minute is 60 seconds, It takes 60 minutes to make an hour
miteanything very small. In the old days there was a very small coin called a mite. The same word also means a kind of tiny insect
moata big ditch, usually filled with water. In olden times, castles had deep moats around them so that enemies could not get across
momenta very short time
monthabout 4 weeks. There are 12 months in a year
monumenta statue or building that is put up to make people remember someone or some event
moodhow you feel in your mind. You can be in a good mood when you are happy or in a bad mood when something has made you cross or unhappy
mothan insect rather like a butterfly, except that it only flies at night. The grubs of some small moths eat holes in your clothes
mottoa short saying which gives a rule for behaviour such as Be prepared
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