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English wordsMeanings
menmore than one man
abatementdecrese, softening, weakening, lessening
abdomenthe lower part of the body which contains the stomach
apartmenta room of a house, a flat
argumentreasons for or against your opinion about something; a discussion
armamentforce, military equipment
basementthe lowest part of a building, usually below the ground
bewildermentstate of being confused, perplexed, bewildered
cementa greyish powdered clay mixture that hardness when it is mixed with sand and water. It is used to stick bricks and other building materials together
cementerya place where people who have died are buried
commenceto begin
commentto make remarks, illustration, explanatory remarks
commitmenta sending to prison, pledge, imprisonment
complimentsomething nice said about someone to please him
departmenta part or section of a shop, office or factory
disappointmentfailure of expectations or intention
entertainmenta show or concert that entertains or amuses you
environmentconditions under which one lives
equipmentall the things needed to do a job, play a game, or go on an expedition
experimentsomething tried out to see what will happen; a test to find out something
fragmena bit or piece broken off something
garmentany article of clothing
governmenta group of people who have the power to make laws and decide what is best for the country
immenseenormous; very big
instalmentone of the parts of a serial story or film: one part of the money owed for something you pay for bit by bit
instrumenta tool. The word also means something which makes music
lamentto express sorrow, to weep, to grieve, deplore
lamentationexpression of sorrow, grief
mainmost important; chief
maladjustmenta bad or wrong adjustment
mana male human being when he is grown up
manethe long hair some animals have on their necks. Horses have manes and so do lions
manya lot
maythe pink or white blossom on a hawthorn tree
meanselfish and unkind. The same word is also used for explaining a thing, such as that the word means selfish and unkind
measurementthe size or amount of something
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