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English wordsMeanings
mockto make fun of someone
magican imaginary power that makes wonderful thing happen that seem impossible, like changing a pumpkin into a beautiful coach
maketo produce, to build
manageto look after or be responsible for something, such as a business or a household
mashto crush something so that it becomes soft and smooth, like mashed potatoes
maska cover to hide the face, sometimes funny, sometimes pretty and sometimes frightening
massa lump of something; a large quantity or number
mazea place with lots of paths that cross and turn into each other so that it is hard to find your way out
meaningthe sense or explanation of something said or written
meekgentle and patient; not likely to fight back or lose your temper easily
messan untidy muddle; confusion
messagecommunication sent or to be sent
micemore than one mouse
mimicto imitate or copy someone else; usually in a mocking way
minceto chop or grind something, usually meat, into very small pieces
missto fail to hit, catch or find something
mixto put different things together
monka member of a religious group living n a monastery
monekya small lively animal with a long tail. Monkeys live in hot countries, and are very good at climbing trees and swinging from branch to branch
mosaica pattern or picture made by arranging lots of small pieces of coloured glass or stones
mossa very small green plant that looks like velvet. It grows close to the ground in damp places, especially in the woods
mousea little animal with a long tail and sharp teeth
mucha lot
muckdamp dirt or rubbish; manure
muga large heavy cup with straight sides
munchto chew with a crunching sound
musicpleasing sounds that you sing or play on a musical instrument
smocka loose garment, usually worn over other clothes to keep them clean
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