English Vocabulary Words
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English wordsMeanings
oara long piece of wood with one flat end, used to row a boat
blackboarda wooden board painted black. We write on it with chalk
boara male pig
boarda long flat piece of wood
boardersomeone who pays to sleep and eat in someone ele’ house; someone who lives at boarding school in term time
boarding schoola school where children live during term time
cardboardvery thick stiff paper
cupboarda set of shelves with doors
dartboardthe target at which you aim in the game of darts
boarda store or stock of something hidden away. Squirrels have a hoard of nuts hidden away for the winter
hoarsehaving a rough-sounding voice, as when you have a sore throat
keyboardthe keys of a piano, organ or typewriter, arranged in order
orerock or mineral from which we get metal
roara loud deep noise made by big animals like lions and tigers when they are angry
sideboarda large, heavy piece of furniture like a cupboard, where dishes, table linen and cutlery are kept
soarto fly high into the air
uproara noisy disturbance; shouting and yelling
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