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English wordsMeanings
orerock or mineral from which we get metal
adoreto love intensely, worship
beforeahead; in front
beforehandin advance, earlier than duetime
boreto make a deep hole in something by twisting a tool round and round. The same word also means to make someone tired by dull talk
corethe middle part of something, like th epart where the seeds are in an apple or pear
exploreto travel to places to try to find out all about them
forein front, before
forearmthe part of our arm between you wrist and elbow
forecastto say that something will happen before it does
foreheadthe part of your face above your eyes
foreighof another country; strange
foresta large are of land where lots of trees are growing close together
forethoughta thought or plan for the future
foregogo without, give up
ignoreto take no notice; to pretend someone or something is not there
oara long piece of wood with one flat end, used to row a boat
scorethe number of point, goals or marks you get in a game or examination
shoreland at the edge of a lake or the sea
snoreto make a loud breathing noise through your mouth when you are asleep
sorepainful when touched
storeto keep something until it is needed. The same word also means a shop
storeya stage or floor of a building
thereforefor that reason
whorea prostitute, harlot
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