English Vocabulary Words
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English wordsMeanings
ought toin place of should or must when duty or moral obligation is needed
forethoughta thought or plan for the future
noughtnothing; zero
thoughtan idea; something that is in your mind
thoughtfulthinking deeply: thinking of what others would like
actora man or boy who acts in a play or film
alligatora dangerous animal very like a crocodile, but with a shorter nose
altogetherentirely, quite, on the whole
atoman extremely small particle of anything
autobiographythe story of a person’s life written by himself and not by someone else
automobileany vehicle with an engine, meant to be driven on the road
aviatora pilot who flies an aircraft
badmintona game rather like tennis, in which you use a smaller racket and a shuttlecock
batona stick for beating time to music
bottomthe lowest part of anything
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