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English wordsMeanings
pana metal container with a handle, used for cooking
chimpanzeea very clever ape, smaller than a gorilla
companionsomeone who goes somewhere with you; a friend
companionablesociable, worth company
companya group of people working together in a business. The same word also mans a group of people who are guests at a party
dustpana container into which you sweep dust
expandto grow bigger; to swell
frying pana round shallow pan for frying
marzipana sweet food made of crushed almonds and sugar
orpanagea home for orphans, the sate of an orphan
painthe feeling when something hurts you
pancakea thin round cake eaten hot. You cook it in a frying pan
pandaa large black and white wild animal, something like a bear. Some pandas are much smaller and look rather like a large cat with a bushy tail and a pointed nose
panicsudden fear or terror that keeps people from thinking reasonably
pansya small garden plant with velvety, brightly coloured flowers
pantto gasp for breath
panthera kind of leopard
pantomimea musical play for children, usually a fairy tale. The same word also means a play in which the actors do not speak
pantrya small room or cupboard where food is kept
penan instrumental device used for writing with ink
penneya piece of money
phoneshort for telephone
pianoa large musical instrument with a keyboard
pina thin pointed piece of metal used for fastening or holding things together
pinean evergreen tree with cones and leaves like needles
pneumonia(say newmonia) a painful illness of the lungs
poema piece of writing like a song without music, that shows your thoughts and imaginings
ponya little horse
puffina sea bird with a short thick beak
saucepana cooking pot with a lid and a handle
spanthe distance between the tip of you thumb and little finger when your hand is stretched out. The same word also means the length of anything from end to end
spanglea thin piece of shiny metal sewn on to a garment. Lots of spangles sewn on to a dress make it glitter and sparkle
spaniela kind of dog with a silky coat and long floppy ears
spannera tool for tightening or loosening nuts and bolts
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