English Vocabulary Words
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English wordsMeanings
patethe top of the head
pada lot of sheets of paper glued or sewn together at the top. The same word also means a piece of thick, soft material, usually to protect a part of your body from harm
patto hit something very lightly
patha narrow way along which people may travel, usually on foot
petan animal that is kept at home; not wild. Dogs and cats are pets
pettysmall; unimportant
pita hole in the ground
pitya feeling of sadness you have because someone else is ill or unhappy
pivotthe pin or centre on which something turns
poetsomeone who writes poems
potany deep dish for cooking. The same word also means or clay containers for plants
potatoa vegetable that grows under the ground
poutto close your lips and push them out to show that you are not pleased
puppeta doll which can be moved by pulling strings or putting your hand inside it
putto place something
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