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English wordsMeanings
peepto take a quick look
peaone of the found green seeds which are used as food. Peas grow in pods on a climbing plant
payto give money for something you have bought or for work someone has done
pawthe foot of a four-legged animal which has claws
pewa long wooden bench with a back, for people to sit on in church
piefood made of pastry outside, and filled with fruit or meat
pipa fruit seed
pipeany tube, usually of metal, through which a liquid (such as water) or gas flows. The same word also means a small bowl on the end of a tube used for smoking tobacco
popa sharp quick exploding sound. The same word can be short for popular. Then it means music or art that most people like
poppya plant, usually with bright red flowers, often seen growing wild in the fields in summer
puba place where beer and other drinks are sold. The word is short for public house
puffto blow air or smoke out of the mouth. The same word also means a soft piece of material used to put powder on the skin
puppya young dog
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